Why Photoshop Is Terrible

I’ve spent most of my life struggling with my weight. Regardless of how much I actually weighed, I was continuously being told how fat I was – even when I managed to get myself down to a size 0.

A few months back, I stumbled upon another photographer’s website. As I poked around, I came across an option he offered that just made me sit and stare at the screen. Beginning at $50, he would ‘remove 10+ pounds from your photo’.

A photograph should make you feel beautiful, showing you how amazing you are as you. I felt as though this photog was telling his clients that they weren’t good enough; that in order to feel perfect they had to have their bodies manipulated for a few minutes in Photoshop.
I’ve flipped through magazines, knowing it’s all fabricated. We all know how fake it is, yet somehow, those photos get the best of us. As much as we try to fight it and swear that we know those photos aren’t real, Photoshop has tricked us into believing that our body isn’t perfect unless we have super toned arms, flawless skin, a round little waist…

My clients are all amazing and know how to rock the camera. They’re real people with unique personalities, each having different physical attributes, yet they all have one thing in common: they’re beautiful – without computer software.

I’ve never used Photoshop to cut a few pounds off anyone, nor would I, even if asked. My focus is to capture my clients’ personalities and make them see how gorgeous they really are in front of the camera.

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