What Will You Leave Behind?

I’d love a family photo…

but first I need to lose a couple of pounds.

….but I’m really busy at work.

….but I’m not photogenic.

but I’m going to come up with some sort of excuse

Most likely, you’ve been guilty of saying at least one of the above. Unfortunately, this probably means that it’s been years that you’ve had a professional family photo taken – if you ever have at all.

When a loved one passes away, we find comfort in looking through old photos. As we carefully look through each printed photograph, we reminisce about the times we’ve shared together, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. We’ll look at an image and know that we’ll never forget the way they laughed or that big smile.

When viewing photos of someone we care about, we don’t notice double chins, extra pounds, acne. We can only see the gorgeous person who made our life full and are grateful to have something to look back on, in case our memories ever grow weak.

Photos of you and your family will be preserved and shared for generations. I have my great-grandfather’s wedding photo from nearly 90 years ago hanging in our living room! Please, don’t allow the people who care about you face the heartbreak of not having photos of you to look back on. Stop procrastinating and get yourself in front of a camera!

heirloom family photo

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