What if it was your last day?

It was just before 6:00 Sunday evening when a blown transformer caused our power to go out. Finally my candle hoarding paid off! There we sat, in a candle-lit room…stomachs rumbling. The electric company estimated that the power wouldn’t be turned back on for at least four hours. Upon learning that we may not be able to have dinner until after 10pm, our stomachs growled even louder.

I’m one of those girls who can’t decide what to wear and has to change two or three times before leaving the house. Getting ready in the dark completely rid me of that option, so we were ready to leave the house pretty quickly (though I did apply a tad of makeup, which is totally not easy with the horrid color a flashlight gives off).

The hostess at Applebees led us to our table and we began to scan the menus. Moments after, a young couple was seated at the booth next to us. They each removed their coats, sat,…and picked up their phones. Chris and I couldn’t help but notice that throughout their entire meal, their attentions were completely glued to their devices. Fork in one hand and phone in the other, they would occasionally glance at each other and make a quick comment before their eyes darted back to their screen.

This really made me think, probably too much. We never know when our last day will come, it could be today, tomorrow, or decades from now. What if your last day was spent, sitting across from someone you love on a “date night”, your attention focused on the sound of their voice, the crazy way their arms flail when they speak, the emotion in their eyes…

Now, what if your last day was spent sitting across from someone you love while completely engaged in social media…

I encourage you to designate a portion of time daily/weekly/monthly to unplug from the world of technology and  experience the world without mobile devices and social media. Do you accept the challenge?


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