Wham’s “Last Christmas”

Christmas Eve.

I forcefully turned the lock on my bedroom door. The volume on my stereo was cranked up as loud as it would go, as an attempt to drown out the cheery holiday songs which were now flooding the house.

Alanis Morissette’s “You Oughta Know” and Wham’s “Last Christmas” belted out of my speakers, on a loop. I sat in angst and completely heartbroken as I forced myself to wrap the last of the Christmas gifts. I swore I’d feel this defeated forever, that I could never enjoy wrapping presents again let alone stomach hearing a song with an upbeat tune. It would always be the day that I received a text from my boyfriend, stating he no longer wanted to be with me. It was the day my life fell apart and I knew that I’d forever be broken.

It’s been over a decade since those songs blared from my speakers. Despite swearing that I knew my emotional fate, that Christmas Eve was the last holiday I ever felt heartbroken. I let that particular December 24th remind me that although parts of my life may be incredibly painful, they are only parts of my life.

We all face devastating and heartbreaking moments in life, making it easy for us to succumb to weakness. It’s important to remind yourself how strong you are. With strength you can accomplish anything.


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