I truly appreciate you trusting me with such a huge milestone in your lives! As a thank you, I want to make sure the days leading up to your wedding are super exciting!!! You deserve an awesome experience filled with timely email responses, fun girl talk, and surprises –  because, really, nothing is more exciting than receiving an unexpected package and an extra bit of love!!!

When K. Moss Photography was being born, I promised myself that I would give my brides a full experience. While I wanted to ‘wow’ them at the first phone call or email and through the wedding planning process, I didn’t want it to stop there!

I wanted them to race to the door when their bell rang, excited to receive the huge box Mr. FedEx man was holding. I wanted them to run into the living room, eager to cut open the packaging tape. I wanted their eyes to light up as they sifted through the tissue paper, seeing an array of pretty boxes inside each wrapped with a large blue bow. I wanted them to unwrap each print, instantly trying to think of the perfect spot to display it on their wall. I wanted them to have the print quality that only a professional lab can provide. I wanted them to be reminded of the happiest moments in their lives each time they entered a room.

I wanted to give an Experience.

To keep things simple I offer one Wedding Collection, with just the right amount of hours to fully document a wedding day.  This will cover you getting ready, ceremony, formals, and reception, so you’ll definitely have plenty of photos to look back on to remember your day and won’t have to worry about picking and choosing which parts of the day you’ll have covered. Not enough time included? Not to worry, your Collection can be customized to include more coverage!

The Wedding Collection includes:

Up to 8 Hours of Wedding Day Coverage
Digital Images & Prints
…plus a few surprises along the way!

You’re probably wondering, “why the heck isn’t there pricing listed?” It’s a great question and I totally get wanting to have that information in front of you asap! Just contact me with your wedding day details and I promise to get you the information you are looking for!

I believe couples should not have to sacrifice having an experienced photographer due to financial constraints, so I offer interest-free payment plans and accept multiple payment methods.

I’d love to chat more about your day and show you how I will make this the awesome experience you deserve! K. Moss Photography is all about forming relationships and telling amazing photographic stories – and I am thrilled to get started!

Help me cross off one of my bucket list weddings! (Take a look at the list and maybe even get a few great wedding ideas for yourself!

Goodbye boring photos, Hello awesome experience!

If you think posed pictures are boring and want a wedding photographer who feels like your best friend – You’ve just found your girl!

Ready to say goodbye to boring photos and hello to an awesome experience?! Let’s chat before someone else grabs your wedding date!