At A Wedding, Guests Don’t Matter

I recently came across a topic in one of my photography forums that made my jaw drop.  A few photographers were set in their belief that “only the bride and groom should be photographed on the wedding day – no one cares about the guests.”

The more I thought about that comment, the less it made sense to me.

I’m not arguing that the couple shouldn’t be the focus of the day, they most certainly should be. I do, however, feel that if a couple only receive photos of themselves they will be missing out greatly.  The average bride spends about 1.5 years to plan her wedding.

Special time and attention was taken when compiling the guest list, oftentimes even more than selecting the perfect dress or any other aspect of the wedding. If someone is present at a wedding, it’s pretty safe to assume that the guest has a very special place in the couple’s heart.  That being said, I believe that the bride and groom would truly cherish every photograph received of their guests.

Brides, be certain to ask your photographer if he or she will only focus on you and your husband on your wedding. Most couples assume that a photographer will capture “everything”, so it is a question often overlooked.  Sure, it’s important to have photos of yourselves but consider how you will feel 50 years from now knowing that you did not have any photos of your closest friends and family on your wedding day.

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