Wedding Day Beauty Made Easy!

Every bride wants to feel stunning on her wedding day. Your groom will think you’re breathtaking with or without makeup, but there’s just something about taking things up a notch that can really enhance your best features. You will spend much of your wedding day in front of cameras (so much that your face will probably end up hurting from smiling so much!), so it can definitely be a confidence booster.

Katelyn Quigney, both hair/makeup professional and a past K. Moss bride, suggest that brides book as early as a year to eight months prior to the wedding day. Trials usually take place 4-5 weeks before the wedding. Katelyn suggests brides bring along a few photos to their trial, including a few updo and down styles they are interested in trying.

Many brides, especially those who prefer a natural look, begin to worry when they notice their makeup artist is applying a bit more heavily than they are used to. I promise she isn’t trying to make you look like Mimi (remember the Drew Carey show?)! Your makeup application has to last you through 12+ hours of tears and sweat and makeup professionals know the tricks to make that happen. While it may be tempting to save some cash and take care of makeup yourself, allow yourself to be pampered and go through the day with the assurance that your gorgeous look will last the duration of the day with minimal, if any, touchups necessary.

Most stylists will recommend you do not wash your hair the morning of your wedding, as “dirty” hair is able to hold its style longer. Not a fan of starting your day without a refreshing shower and newly washed locks? I wasn’t, either. Despite advice, I washed prior to my appointment but I know my hair well and was certain it would hold its style (it did, until the next morning). Talk to your stylist or consider washing the day of your trial, as a test.

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