Wedding Contract Tips for Brides

As a wedding photographer in Reading, PA, and now a bride to be, I’ve began to feel even more of a connection with my brides. I’m glad that I can relate to the planning process, while sharing first hand experiences.

Chris and I had a meeting with the wedding coordinator at the venue in Delaware. After our tour of the location, we sat in the lobby and discussed their available wedding packages and pricing. We were happy with our options and decided to ask for a contract a day or two later.

Luckily, being in the industry has taught me about what to look for in the contract and know how to recognize red flags. I’ve put together this list to give you a few ideas as to what you should pay very close attention to when receiving ANY of your wedding contracts.


Be sure to check and double check that your wedding date and times are correct (don’t forget to make sure that the year is right, as well!)


Before requesting a room block, ask the hotel if there are any penalties if your entire block isn’t booked.


Prior to signing any Contract or Agreement, always make sure you know exactly what you will be receiving AND that it is included in your contract. Once you sign your contract, your date should be held and the pricing locked in. Should you encounter anyone that requests for you to sign a contract without telling you what you will receive or states that your pricing may go up even after the contract is signed, be very cautious.

Ask questions if you’re unsure of anything…and never feel that you’re asking too many or that your questions are “stupid”. If you feel uncertain about a document or contract you receive, you can always ask another pro for advice (this is where having a planner is a huge help!).

The wedding industry is full of professionals with open arms, more than willing to guide you along the way!


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