The First Step to Planning the Wedding You Want

You and your soon to be husband have shared the news of your engagement and are getting ready to take the big step: planning the wedding.

There are going to be quite a few decisions, as well as a couple of hurdles, along the way. Before diving head first into making decisions, individually complete the questions below.

Do you like the idea of a First Look (seeing each other before the ceremony)?

Do you want a religious ceremony?

Do you want children to attend?

Do you want a small intimate wedding or a large wedding?

Cake or cupcakes?

Would you like to do a first dance?

Do you want to have a bridal party?

Is there a wedding theme idea you like?

Where would you like to get married (close to home, a destination, etc)

Real or silk flowers?

What part of the day is most important to you?

What is something you absolutely do not want at your wedding?

DJ or band?

What season would you like to have your wedding?

Do you want to leave for your honeymoon immediately?

On a scale of 1-10, how important is photography to you?

What wedding idea do you absolutely love?


Once you fill in your answers, compare your responses. This will help narrow down which aspects of the wedding are most important to yourselves and each other. Now you have a starting point for planning!

naked wedding cake - orange wedding flowers | K. Moss Photography

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