The First Look | Bride and Groom’s Perspective

When discussing wedding day plans, I always ask my couple’s their thoughts on a First Look. Some are completely against the idea, which is totally okay! I would never, ever press the issue and make any of my couples feel forced. Other couples consider the idea of a First Look but are a bit skeptical about how it will affect the ceremony moment when they see each other from the opposite ends of the aisle.

Felicia and Steven shared their initial hesitation in choosing a First Look, as well as their thoughts after the wedding day in hopes of helping other couple’s with their decision!
Hanover Grand Ballroom bride and groom outdoor first look

The Bride

When Steven and I first discussed a first look, we were hesitant. We were afraid that seeing each other before the ceremony would take from the special moment of seeing each other when walking down the aisle. After careful thought and consideration, it just made more sense to do it timeline wise. I am SO happy we did a first look. It was by far my favorite part of the whole day (besides marrying my best friend). Walking up to Steven for the first look, my emotions were CRAZY. I was so nervous all morning, and he is the only person that could make the nervousness go away. I was beyond excited to see him all dressed up and all I could think about all morning was how I needed a hug from him to calm my emotions and nerves. I didn’t realize how emotional and nervous I was going to be until waking up on the morning of our wedding day! Having a few moments with Steven before our ceremony gave me a chance to be emotional with him without all eyes on us and gave us an intimate moment to spend with each other and take the moment in. It also calmed my nerves walking down the aisle and helped me to be more in the moment. Once I saw Steven, my nerves were definitely calmed… and then the excitement set in!  And it absolutely did not take away from the ceremony, because I cried then, too! My favorite pictures from the day were also taken during our first look.
Hanover Grand Ballroom bride and groom outdoor first look

The Groom

Felicia and I went back and forth on the idea of s first look. I was against it at first because it was outside of tradition, but then I later opened up to it. I am glad I did it because it turned out to be one of the best moments of the day! There was something very special about being able to see her alone, instead of everyone being there. The whole time I was standing there waiting for her I had butterflies in my stomach. When she came up behind me and I turned around and I finally saw her everything felt perfect! I definitely suggest that other people consider doing the first look.

Hanover Grand Ballroom bride and groom outdoor first look

Hanover Grand Ballroom bride and groom outdoor first look

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