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Last week I did something that I’ve never done since starting my business: took time off.

It was about a year ago that Chris and I made a west coast trip, hitting up Las Vegas, Santa Monica, Disneyland, and Valley of Fire. We were gone for just under two weeks and had an amazing time, however, I found myself working.  Periodically throughout the day, I would check emails, respond to new wedding inquiries, check Facebook.

Knowing that a huge part of my business is based off customer service and communication, I wasn’t allowing myself to really relax. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love my job, but I think every now and then we all need a check-out to recoup and refresh our minds, to avoid becoming burnt out.

I was determined to allow myself to take a break, telling myself that it really IS okay to take a step back every now and then. At first I was worried that my clients would be annoyed at my brief disappearance, but then I reminded myself that those clients were absolutely amazing and each one would likely encourage me to enjoy my trip.  I set up an auto-reply email (I wouldn’t want to leave the emails unanswered for a week), confirmed that my Facebook page Admin would manage the page, and silenced my phone.

It. Felt.  Amazing.

For the first time ever, I truly embraced some relaxing time away.  Out of the 5 days we were gone, I only took my camera out of my bag once!  (I admit, I was guilty of still bringing 3 lenses with me). Although I did answer my phone to take a new wedding call during my trip, the break really allowed me to refresh myself.

(I didn’t bother to edit any of these, just to stay in the whole vacation mindset)





Is there anything better than old school arcade games?!
Is there anything better than old school arcade games?!


Virginia Beach Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach Surfing

Virginia Beach Surfing

Virginia Beach

Virginia Aquarium

Virginia Beach Aquarium

I not so secretly want a sea turtle as a pet.
This guy made me think of how amazing it’d be to have a sea turtle as a pet.

Virginia Beach Aquarium

Virginia Beach Aquarium

Have you been thinking about taking a little getaway?  Don’t wait until you’re completely burnt out to begin planning one and when you do embark on your vacation, make it just that: a relaxing vacation.


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