Skipping Your Engagement Session – A Bride’s View

Brides often raise the question of removing their engagement session from their wedding collection.

Heather, a July 2014 bride, thought along the same lines. I encouraged her to schedule her session, so we can get to know each other. Although she was hesitant at first, she decided to go for it. I asked her to share her thoughts regarding her initial choice of skipping her engagement session. Here are her thoughts:

When I first booked with Kerri, it wasn’t that I was afraid of the camera or getting engagement pictures done. A friend of mine has a camera and offered to take pictures for us, and we had a few pictures taken already. I told Kerri this, and she told me how the engagement sessions are complimentary with our wedding package and I should check out some other pictures from her website she’s done at engagements. Even after this, I was still torn. I couldn’t decide if we really needed more pictures. 
After a month or so of seeing pictures on Facebook or on her website, I started to fall in love with everyone else’s sessions and showed them to Nick, my fiance. He agreed with me on how fun the sessions looked and how the pictures captured the couple completely. I finally sent Kerri a message and we were booked for a session within two weeks. It was awesome how she fit us in!
Was I nervous sitting in front of a photographer for something I know my friends and family will see? Surprisingly no! Kerri made us feel so comfortable in front of the camera and knew what poses to have us do so the pictures came out amazing. Nick and I had a blast goofing around and Kerri captured every moment including the ones that I never thought would be good, but turned into great pictures. The only regret I have now is not doing the session sooner. The session let me get to know Kerri as a photographer and person, not just a vendor I send messages and payments to. 
The hardest part out of the session wasn’t the session at all. It was choosing the images we wanted as prints. We wanted at least 20 printed, and took a long time to choose. After we painstakingly chose them, they are now displayed in our house and I can not wait to display them at the wedding. Everyone I have showed them too commented on how great our photographer is and I can not say more great things to them about her. Getting the prints in the mail was even exciting. I don’t want to ruin the surprise for future brides, but Kerri treats us well!
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