Remember What’s Important

A few years ago, back in 2009, I was still entering the photography world. I was learning how to balance my income to cover my personal expenses (food, rent, electric, ect.) and invest in more equipment. I won’t lie – some months it was TOUGH. I wasn’t sure how the next bill would be paid, much less how I would afford that new lens I would need.

About a week before Christmas, a bride emailed me for her last minute wedding on December 26th.

December 26th…the day I had always made the trip to Jersey to visit my nan and pop for Christmas. The one day that my nan would somehow put all of her pain aside and glow – excitement for her favorite holiday season.

In tears, I turned to Chris, explaining that I knew I could use the extra work this wedding was offering, but I just couldn’t cancel our holiday plans. Being the incredibly supportive person that he is, he assured me that it would be okay to refer the bride to someone else and keep our original plan of heading to NJ.

Take photos often. I have only two (not-very-good) photos of the most important person in my life.
Take photos often. I have only two (not-very-good) photos of the most important person in my life.

December 26th was the last day I saw my nan, as she passed away just two weeks after. Although I haven’t completely forgiven myself for not seeing her between the 26th and the time she passed, I can’t imagine the regrets I would be living with had I worked that December day.

Always remember what’s truly important in your life. No one will ever be on their death bed, wishing they had worked more. No dollar amount could ever take the place of what could be your last moment with someone you care about. Tell someone you love them, visit often, and always follow your heart.

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