How to Plan Your Wedding Without Going Crazy

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You finally found the easy guide to planning your wedding.

It can be pretty easy to quickly become overwhelmed, as you get wrapped up in the zillion things on your wedding to-do list. Finding vendors, choosing the food, selecting wedding songs, searching for the reception decor – the list goes on and on. It’s no secret – wedding planning takes a lot of work! There are a few things you can do to help keep your sanity while planning!

Don’t Do It All At Once

Try to avoid working on too many tasks at the same time. Crossing something off your list before moving onto the next thing will give you a sense of accomplishment. Start off with contacting one type of vendor at a time.

Ask For Help

Are you having trouble finding a venue to match your vision and can’t figure out what song you should select for your first dance? It’s perfectly okay to ask a friend, bridesmaid, or family member to do a little research to help you out. Most brides have at least one person in their life who is super eager to do anything they can to help with planning planning.

Start Early

The more time you give yourself to plan before the wedding, the more time you have time plan. It may seem obvious but starting early allo

ws you to spread out the to-do list a bit more. Once you nail down the big things such as venue, photographer, and dj, you can take a few months off before tackling a few more things on your list like a killer pair of heels.

Make Spreadsheets

With so much going on, it’s pretty easy to forget things like dates payments are due and vendor appointments. Make a spreadsheet listing all of your vendors, including their phone number, email address, payment dates and amounts. You’ll thank yourself when you need to get a hold of one of your vendors and the information is sorted for easy access.

Take Time To Just Be Engaged

Couples often become so focused on the wedding, they completely miss out on being engaged. Don’t forget to set some days aside for date nights – no wedding talk allowed!


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