Photos In Your Underwear

It’s the day of the wedding and the bride is about to have her big moment: putting on her dress. I pick up my camera and she instantly panics, telling me that she doesn’t want to photos in her underwear.

There’s nothing to worry about – promise. Although you told me about that cute pair of baby blue ‘bride’ underwear you will be wearing, I have no intention of photographing you wearing them. As you undress, my camera is in hand solely to test lighting. Unless you are looking for boudoir (which I don’t do anyway), there won’t be any photos taken of you standing in your underwear.  Any photos I take during this time will see the trash bin and will never, ever see the online world.  Promise, promise.  Besides, most of the time you aren’t even in those test shots.

Now you can relax and get ready for that exciting moment, which makes it finally feel real!

Reading, PA Wedding Photographer

Reading, PA Wedding Photographer

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