Photographer Site Visits

A site visit can seem like a great idea; your photographer can scope out the area and get a feel for what it will be like the day of your wedding…or can they?

In a photographer’s world, every day is different. The sun is never the same brightness, the clouds are never in the exact same spot, and the shadows will never fall in the exact same way. When a photographer visits your venue prior to your wedding, they are only seeing what the area looks like that day – with that sunlight, those shadows. Your wedding day will likely be completely different in terms of environment, plus having the space all dolled up makes a pretty big difference.

An experienced photographer will be able to adapt and work with various lighting situations, so no need to worry. Trust in your photographer to get a game plan together and arrive to the venue early enough on your wedding day to gauge the best locations for photos.

Capriottis McAdoo

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