When Should Your Photographer and DJ Eat?

The topic comes up in just about every wedding photography group in existence: vendors eating during weddings. Some  argue that it is
unprofessional for a photographer to eat during a wedding day….what?! While I really do wish I could charge myself with a pack of Duracell, the hustle and bustle of a long wedding day requires photographers to recharge with some nutrition and hydration.

When Chris and I met with our wedding coordinator, she suggested that we give our vendors bologna sandwiches and let them find a corner to sit in! I couldn’t imagine handing someone some old deli meat, knowing how many hours they would be working during our wedding. Not only did I insist they be fed real food, the same as our guests, but I was also very specific on where they sat and when they ate.

I have photographed a few weddings in which the venue required all vendors to sit outside of the reception area – whether it be in a closet, hallway, or even outside (yes, those have all happened!). This is a huge disservice to the couple! When a photographer is able to sit at a table within viewing distance of the couple and close to the action, they are able to quickly grab their camera when moments unravel. Unfortunately, when they are forced to sit in a different room, they are missing those precious moments!

Many venue coordinators plan for the photographer to be fed last, after all of the guests have eaten. Of course, by then the bride and groom have also finished their meals and have begun to walk around, laughing with their guests. Again, missed moments.

It really is best to have your photographer eat at the same time as yourself and your bridal party. You won’t want photos of yourself eating and it helps ensure that you won’t have any important moments missed.

Don’t forget about your DJ! Dinner is usually accompanied with mellow music, with guests often focused on their meals and chatting. As guests finish their plates, they are ready to hit the dance floor and may even have a few song requests for the DJ. It’s just as important for your DJ to be close by and finished eating before the guests, allowing them to be ready to make this the most memorable night of your life!

The timing of your wedding photographer and dj's meal are pretty important | K. Moss Photography

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