Our Wedding – What I Wish I Had Done Differently

Over the past couple weeks I’ve been having trouble wrapping my head around the fact that in just over 3.5 months, Chris and I will be married for two years. That’s over eleven years together! About a year and a half ago I wrote on my Facebook page about how I still giggle on the inside any time I see mail addressed to Mrs. Moss – and yes, I STILL feel those little butterflies when I see that mail waiting for me! Anyhow, as we draw a bit nearer to another year of marriage, I’ve begun reflecting back on our wedding and a few things I would change.

About a year before our wedding, I had the idea of grabbing a notebook and writing Chris a daily ‘leading up to our wedding day’ note, with the intention of giving it to him the morning of our wedding. It was a few months before our wedding when I realized that the procrastinator in me wasn’t going to let that happen. At that point, I hadn’t even bought the notebook! Instead, I decided that I would curl up on the couch the night before the wedding and write him up a little note.

The day before our wedding, we crammed 6 people (including the luggage for the ones who traveled from New Zealand) and totes full of weddings things into a mini van. It was quite the Tetris puzzle, which put us  a few hours behind schedule (plus the time it took everyone to shower and pack). We finally arrived in Delaware somewhere around 10pm…with empty stomachs. By the time we found an open restaurant to curb our hangriness and got back to the hotel, it was late…and we still had to put our centerpieces together. Before we knew it was almost 3am! I was beat and definitely not thinking clearly enough to write Chris’ letter.

Although it’s not a horribly big deal that I didn’t write him, as I tend to leave random notes around the house at times, I do definitely suggest that you each write a little note to each other to be read on the morning of your wedding day. These moments end up being some of the sweetest photos!

I’m not one for being the center of attention, so walking down the aisle as everyone watched me wasn’t exactly my idea of fun. Chris tried telling me that everyone would be focusing just as much on him, but we all know that everyone gawks at the bride when she first enters the room. I was so nervous as I walked into the room, I found myself practically running towards the end of the aisle. This was such a HUGE mistake, as I missed out on a moment that I was really looking forward to – seeing Chris’ reaction to my dress. Heck, I hustled so quickly, I don’t even remember seeing him! Looking back, I really wish I would have blocked out everyone else and focused more on Chris as I made my way towards him. Girls, take your time as you strut your gorgeous self down the aisle – you want to remember this moment!

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