How Much It Really Costs For Guests To Take Photos At Your Ceremony

Over the years, it has become increasingly popular for guests to take pictures during the wedding ceremony. It’s understandable that loved ones are excited and want to digitally freeze those moments forever, but how much is it costing the bride and groom?

Cell phones, ipads, and digital cameras can be a wedding ceremony’s worst enemy. Aside from guests leaning into the aisle and blocking the professional photographer from important shots, numerous flashes from dozens of cameras can completely ruin the photos that the bride and groom paid thousands of dollars for.

Notice the large shadow on the back wall, bright lights across the bride’s dress, washed out faces, and blinks, caused by guests’ camera flashes.

To avoid flashes and distractions from ruining your professional photos, requests guests not take photos during your ceremony, promising you will show them the professional photographs when you receive them.

You can send this request along with your wedding invitation or have your officiant mention it before the start of the ceremony.

Another option it to place a sign at the front door for guests to read prior to entering:

“We are so honored that you are here today to share in the start of our new life together. We ask that you please put away your cameras at this time and allow our photographer to capture the important moments of our day. Immediately following the ceremony, our photographer will begin our formal photos. Please use formal photography time to mingle with guests, while enjoying cocktails and hors d’oeuvres This will allow us to receive perfectly lit and naturally posed photos, without any distractions.

We promise to share our photos with you via


Will you be having an unplugged/camera-free wedding?

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