Meredith & JD | Lockridge Furnace, Alburtis, PA Engagement Session

When JD was thinking of first date ideas, it was really important from him to think of something special, just in case it was the last “first date” that Meredith would ever have. They decided on dinner at a local restaurant, a place they can now visit often and reminisce back to when it all started.

Meredith had been a bit suspicious leading up to the day JD proposed, but he was totally smooth and managed to convince her that he didn’t have anything up his sleeve. She received quite the surprise on her birthday last year when JD pulled out a ring and asked her a life-changing question!


This photo quickly became a favorite on social media. Meredith and JD look so comfortable together and you can actually feel the love between them.


These two look so cozy together! It definitely shows how excited they are to be married this fall!

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