Why Choose K. Moss Photography?

You’ve seen my photos and read a bit about the K. Moss experience. Since you’re still scrolling, you’re likely thinking that we could be an awesome match for each other! (yay!)

But how can you know for sure?

You are counting down the days until you marry the love of your life and it’s so important to you to make the right choice.

There are so many photographers to choose from, so what makes me stand out?​


Kerri Moss, Owner/Photographer K. Moss Photography

You Want Someone Who Takes Charge

Imagine this: A photographer points to where you should stand, and then…silence as they photograph you. The only sound surrounding you is the camera’s shutter, as you begin wondering if you look okay, and start feeling totally awkward.

Pretty cringe-worthy, huh? You can breathe, though, because that isn’t how your experience with K. Moss Photography is going to be at all.

Now imagine your wedding photographer guiding you, not only making you feel comfortable in front the camera, but comfortable being you. You notice that all of your worries have suddenly been replaced by excitement and you already can’t wait to see the finish photos.

That’s me. I’m your photographer.

Forget super posed photos or worrying about what you should do with your hands. I have a few tricks up my sleeve to help you relax and get you laughing until you cry. Within minutes, you’ll forget all about the camera and it will feel more like hanging out with a friend.

You aren’t “just another wedding on my calendar”. All the months leading up to this moment are spent getting to know you, offering planning tips and a shoulder to lean on, and being your rock on your wedding-day.

What this means for you:

  • Huge bridal party? Family concerns?  Timeline questions? No matter what the situation is, I’ve got it covered.
  • You’ll never have that awkward feeling of where to look or where to put your hands. I’ll be guiding you the entire time.
  • Don’t worry about rain, a heat wave, or unseasonable coolness on your wedding – I’m prepared for anything! Between giant umbrellas, blankets,  fans, & an emergency kit filled with everything but the kitchen sink, I’ve totally got it all covered!

Sunshine, Rain, Snow, Darkness...You want gorgeous photos!

Most photographers can create photos with perfect lighting.

But what happens when it’s snowing, raining, or night falls?

I have spent years learning lighting techniques to create the photos you’re dying to have, regardless of what Mother Nature throws at us.

Not only are your wedding photos going to stand out, they’re going to make your jaw drop.


What this means for you:

  • Fun and unique nighttime photos
  • No worrying about “perfect weather”
  • Killer photos to display on your walls

You Want Someone With Over A Decade Of Experience

I have photographed over 100 weddings in 6 states and I have seen it all!

Wedding days can be chaotic, making it easy to forget things at home. I’ve put together a killer emergency kit, including everything you and your bridesmaids could possibly need in a pinch.

I always have a dozen huge umbrellas (able to fit 2-3 people), warm blankets, and fans in my car because I don’t want you to worry about the weather.

I’m actually part photographer, part ninja. Don’t believe me? Check out my reviews!

I’ve driven my bride to her ceremony when she realized she had forgotten to arrange transportation. 

Are mom and dad divorced, leaving you nervous about how they’ll interact during photos? I have a magic way of charming parents and will get those family photos that will make your heart explode.

I’ve befriended and calmed moms, assisted with wedding day timelines, and have blown couples away with the K. Moss experience.

I have been there for my couples since 2009 and I’ll be there for you, too.

What this means for you:

  • From detail photos, candids of your guests, and newlywed excitement, I’m here to help you remember it all.
  • I have over a decade of experience and advice to share with you. I’ll answer questions that you didn’t even know you had.
  • I’m part photographer, part ninja, ready for those unexpected moments that will leave you laughing and crying (happy tears, of course).
Pocono Manor Wedding - Pocono Summit, PA

What makes a K. Moss Couple?

You never skip an opportunity to share you love story...
You make time for date nights...
You never go a day without saying "I love you"...
You trust, respect, and appreciate one another...
You're planning a wedding full of sentimental details...
You're counting down the days until you can finally say you're married...
You think posed photos are boring & love the idea of a more NATURAL approach to your day...
You prefer traditional & timeless over the newest editing fads...
You're looking for a photographer who makes you feel comfortable AND appreciated...
You would love resources and tips to help guide you though planning your wedding...
You value printed photographs and want MORE than just a USB of digital files...
You LOVE surprises...

Why I'm A Wedding Photographer

My nan met my pop when she was in her late teens. Oh, my pop swept her off her of feet as they spent nights out together dancing. “Chances Are” was one of their favorite songs and the song I chose to dance with my pop to at my wedding. Sometimes, she would surprise my pop with banana pancakes, his favorite (even back then the way to a guy’s heart was his stomach, ha). Sometime during their courtship (yes, courtship….this was the 50s!), my pop gifted this engraved anklet. Thinking back as far as I can remember, I can’t remember a day that my nan didn’t have it adorned on her ankle.
Anklet Closeup

My grandparents were married July 25, 1958. Shortly after being married, they began to start a family, which didn’t take long to grow to a total of ten! With most of their children pretty close in age, my pop liked to joke that sometimes he would just have to walk in the door after work and my nan would be instantly pregnant. Ha.

As my pop spent his years working two jobs to support his family, my nan devoted her life to her children (and later, grandchildren). Although it was quite the feat to care for such a large family (did I mention there were six boys?!), my nan didn’t complain because family meant the world to her.

Around the year 2000 or so, my nan started to grow ill. Her health deteriorated tremendously over the next ten years. As time went on, she required more assistance with daily tasks. Eventually she grew weak enough that she was unable to walk at all and my pop would carry her to the bathroom. I’m sure she would be a little angry that I shared this, but it was that moment when I first saw my pop gently scoop her up, that I promised myself I would always strive for that kind of love.

Just passing 50 years of marriage, my nan lay there in her hospital bed, fighting so hard to keep going, even hours after her life support was turned off. My pop held her hand and told her, “it’s okay”. Moments later, she passed.

I now hold this engraved heirloom, once given by a boy to a girl who he fancied, with no idea how strong their love would one day become. While my heart breaks into a million pieces when I think of them, I’m also reminded of how absolutely amazing love can be. It’s because of them that I believe so strongly in marriage and the reason I strive to one day pass 50 years of marriage as well.

Nan's Anklet A Family Heirloom

You've made it this far, so that must mean we're going to get along great!

If you think posed pictures are boring and want a wedding photographer who feels like your best friend – You’ve just found your girl!

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