Jessica & Brendan – The Chateau Resort Wedding

Jessica and Brendan’s wedding was scheduled right in the midst of all of those June downpours. Somehow, the skies cleared and tons of blue peeked through the clouds early Saturday morning.

When I arrived, I sensed a bit of anxiousness from Brendan. It wasn’t anything like cold feet, but more knowing that his beautiful girl was becoming even more breathtaking, just a few doors away.

As Jessica continue getting ready, her maid of honor Christie and I, headed downstairs to deliver Brendan a note from his wife to be. The moment he began to read, I could actually feel the love that this boy had for her.

One of my favorite photos at a wedding is the groom’s face when he first sees his bride. Jessica’s dad’s expression, however, completely adds to the moment – officially making these some of my top favorite images.

Their parents and grandparents all offered a bit of advice, based on that love, which brought even more tears to everyone’s eyes.

The ceremony was so emotional for everyone, even myself. What I noticed was not only the love between Jessica and Brendan but the love their friends and family all had for them.

I always make sure to photograph everything the couple has invested both time and money in…including the details.

Jessica and Brendan had planned a little surprise during their first dance. They were on the fence about whether or not they wanted to do it, but I’d like to say that I gave them the extra push (whether or not that’s true is another story lol). The reactions were more than worth it.

         Now this is the part where I really tear up. And I’ll tell ya, it’s pretty hard to edit while your eyes are filled with water! As Jessica danced with her father, Brendan began telling me how she was the most beautiful girl in the world. As though that wasn’t enough to make him an awesome guy, he continued on with saying how she was his life and the means more to him than anything in the whole world. Every girl deserves a guy that will tell every and anyone how much he loves her, and Brendan definitely makes it known how lucky he feels.

As an added bonus to make the reception even more memorable, they had a photo booth. I think it’s pretty safe to say that it was a complete hit!

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