Jessica & Brendan – Bethlehem Steelstacks Engagement Session

I’m not sure what made me more excited to start Jessica & Brendan’s engagement session: the look of excitement in Jessica’s face or the look in Brendan’s eyes when he looked at his fiancee.

Bethlehem Steel was not only an amazing background for pictures but it also was  meaningful to each of them. Each of their grandfathers had both worked there some time ago. I was floored by all the trivia Brendan shared as we walked around!

They were complete naturals, it was as though they just belonged in front of the camera! I couldn’t believe that they had never had pictures taken before.  It didn’t take long before they were in their own little world, showing their true passion for each other.

I’m totally expecting some tears at their June wedding, not only from Jess and Brendan…but from myself!

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