Is Facebook Ruining Your Wedding Experience?

Scroll through your Facebook newsfeed and you’re bounded to see at least a couple of friends excitedly posting about their wedding planning. They might be proclaiming they have the best bridesmaids in the world, planning is a complete breeze, or even their bridal shower was amazing.

Meanwhile, your maids don’t get along, you’re about ready to rip your hair out as you try to narrow down vendors, and your mother in law wants to plan you a unicorn and frog shower.

You sit there, wondering why you aren’t as lucky as the brides you see posting on Facebook.

Facebook has become a world in which we hype up the mediocre and pretend the bad and horrible don’t exist. I recently spoke to a few past brides who admitted that while they put on a happy Facebook face, the behind the scenes of their wedding planning was a total nightmare. One bride in particular said she wrote about how fantastic her maid of honor was only to avoid any drama, when in fact her MOH refused to return calls and made her feel like dirt.

Every bride has their own hill (or even mountain) of drama they are silently dealing with, while telling the world it’s all smooth sailing. It’s tough seeing how much others are enjoying the wedding experience, while you’re sitting at home in near tears. You aren’t alone – I promise!

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