I’m Engaged…Now what?

That shiny ring on your finger brings on so much excitement but there is also that overwhelming feeling of what you need to do next. These tips will help get you started on the wedding planning path!

  1. Don’t feel that you have to start planning right away.  Take this time to spend endless hours staring at your left hand (as much as you’ll try to fight it, your gaze will keep going back to the sparkles!). Start calling family and friends, update your Facebook status, doodle your soon-to-be new last name – if you plan to change it (don’t worry, we all do it). Enjoy the moment!
  2. Budget, blegh. It’s the most un-fun part of wedding planning. You have all of these amazing ideas, but have to figure out how you’ll afford them. Talk with your parents and fiancé and decide on an amount you would like to put towards your big day, giving yourself a bit of a cushion for when you find those ‘must haves’ later on. Giving yourself a $2500 cap for your dress but find your dream gown for only $1200? Awesome, you can put those savings towards other things.
  3. It’s a good idea to make a rough draft of your guest list prior to venue hunting. You would hate to find the perfect location, only to later find out that there will be room for only 1/3 of your guest list.
  4. There’s a few factors when choosing a date. First think about your schedule and favorite time of year, or perhaps there’s a certain date that is really sentimental to you. When contacting vendors, it’s a good idea to have 2-3 possible dates in mind. Have your heart set on a specific location, dj, or photographer – contact them first. Their availability will help you determine which date is best.
  5. Once you’ve selected your date, the fun part can begin. Get your Pinterest boards fired up with ideas, schedule your engagement session, and send out Save the Dates so your guests can begin to plan. The typical rule of thumb is to send Save the Dates about 4-6 prior to your wedding, adding an extra month or so if you plan on having a destination wedding.


Fall engagement session in Wyomissing, PA | K. Moss Photography


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