I forgot to shower. And eat.

I can bet that just about any parent of a newborn read the title of this post and shrugged, unable to remember the last time they were able to do either of those. The only thing is, I don’t have a newborn.

I’ve spent most of my business years as a disorganized mess. I’ve waited until 3 days before tax day to sort through receipts, filed wedding contracts on top of their folders (I do have digital copies of everything sorted nicely, though), and the worst – I was doing too many things by memory. Yes, I somehow convinced myself that I could remember every single thing that had to be done! That was definitely not the best method. Once I even ordered a wedding album twice.

For some reason, I received a motivational kick in the butt in mid-February. I can’t exactly pinpoint what gave me the push and really, I guess it doesn’t matter, as long as it happened. I filed all my contracts, am completely up-to-date with receipts, write realistic to-do lists, and am snapping myself out of my ‘blogging rut’. So what does this have to do with showering and eating? Well, this past Saturday I was so focused on getting through my list that when 7pm rolled around, I realized I hadn’t even showed yet! Yup, I was still sitting there in pajamas (though I’ll admit, when I’m home, I’m always in pjs), completely zoned into what I was doing. Around midnight or so, my stomach was rumbling and grumbling. It sounded angry. I couldn’t figure out why on earth I was so¬†hungry so late at night…until I remember that not only had I been so involved with working that I forgot to shower, but I also forgot to eat!

I’ve always felt guilty if I wasn’t doing something for my business, as though taking breaks would mean that I was en route to failure. Technically¬†I know that it’s actually the opposite that’s true and that burning yourself out will cause you to get even less done. Once a year I allow myself to get away for a week, though I’m sure I should be adding a few more days in between. It’s definitely something I’m working on!


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