How To Slow Down Time On Your Wedding Day

The average work week is about 40 hours, but have you ever calculated the average wedding planning week?

Once you enter wedding planning mode, it tends to consume you. No matter how hard to try to avoid it, your mind is constantly distracted by the ever-growing lists of things to do. You’ll drive yourself crazy rewriting seven dozen drafts of the guest lists, debating on whether you should have a plated dinner or buffet, trying to decide which of the thirty choices of hors d’oeuvres you’d like…

Before you know it the wedding day has come and gone in a blur….and you barely remember a thing. All that time invested into your day and it’s over in a blink. Crazy, isn’t it?! While I’ve yet to discover the secret of pausing time, there is a tip to help the day seem a little bit slower, at least for a few minutes!

Once you are officially married, you’ll feel like a totally celebrity with tons of cameras flashing away and hugs from people you haven’t seen in years. It can be pretty exhausting! Following your ceremony, try to sneak off alone together and enjoy five minutes alone as husband and wife. There will be tons of things you want to say during the ceremony, but may not get the chance unless you are writing your own vows, so take this time to share! Live in this moment…letting it really settle that you are finally married!

After a few moments alone together, it’s back to the hustle of the wedding day. Don’t worry though, you’ll still have at least one more opportunity to slow down time!

During dinner, you may be tempted to begin your rounds to welcome and thank guests right away, but hold off just a bit. Take five minutes together at your sweetheart table and scan the room. Notice your guests, point how adorable Grandma Betty looks, how great of a choice it was to decide to use uplighting, gaze at your wedding cake…

Just taking these few minutes will slow time at your wedding and help you have clearer memories (along with your photos, of course!). Promise.

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