Felicia & Steven – Hanover Grande Ballroom Wedding

I arrived at Hanover Grande Ballroom to quickly drop off a few things and made my way to the hotel next door, which Felicia was getting ready. I was greeted at the suite by a very excited flower girl, eager to show off her “wedding dress” and adorable crown, ready to fill me in the other details of the day (and prepared to supervise me to make sure I took very good care of her dress).

Lauren and her team of Lauren’s Makeup Designs had arrived earlier in the day to work some magic and make the girls look beyond flawless. With the help of Katelyn’s (she works in a salon and also offers onsite wedding services, plus she’s a past bride of mine!) amazing hair styling talent, these girls looked like they were ready to walk into a modeling gig!

Butterflies fluttered in Felicia’s stomach, as she took peeks at her phone, countingdown the moments until she would see Steven.

Madison was so excited to show off her manicure. How incredibly adorable are these little nails?!

The gorgeous bride finished the last of her primping and excitedly boarded the shuttle to Hanover Grande Ballroom, eager to have a private moment alone with Steven.

The first moment Felicia and Steven saw each other was so incredibly beautiful. It was definitely most of the most emotional First Looks I’ve seen and at that moment, I was so happy they chose to have this intimate time together.


Although the soon to be Mr. and Mrs. saw each other prior to the ceremony, it certainly didn’t take away from the emotion of the ceremony! Felicia teared up as she saw Steven awaiting her at the end of the aisle, followed by more laughter and happy tears throughout the ceremony.

Once the reception room was fully prepared and before the guests began to filter in, the newlyweds were invited to take a sneak peek.

Hanover Grande Ballroom worked magic, completely making Steven and Felicia’s wedding day vision come to life. The white and pale pink color scheme were the perfect choice for the romantic feel they were hoping to have.

Pieces ‘A cake three tiered cake had so many intricate details, guests couldn’t believe that the even the little beads were edible. I know I wasn’t the only one who would have loved to sneak a bit of frosting when no one was looking!

Love and romance filled the room for the rest of the evening, leaving the newly married couple with happy memories and stories to share for years <3

One of my favorite DJs to work with (and a top pick with many of my brides!), Jim of DJ Jimbo left everyone gushing about how awesome he was. We make an incredible power team, complete with on-the-ball communication, hand signals, and in-sync scheduling. A perfect pair to make wedding days run seamlessly!

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