Don’t Let Excuses Rob You

I was always that girl, the one who always had a camera and at least 3 rolls of film on me. I took shots of everything: friends, trips, landscape scenes…everything. Film and developing was pretty costly sometimes since the trend back then was that you “had to” print doubles so you could pass them out to friends.

The last day of school was pretty much a guarantee that I, along with most of the students, would have a camera to take tons of photos. I never realized how important those photos could be until the end of my Junior year.

We were hanging out in the hall, teens just short of running through the halls ready for their summer escape. I reached into my bag, telling Matt that we should take a quick photo together. We noticed that time and realized we had mere minutes until the buses would begin to pull away. Not wanted to be stranded at school on our official last day, we agreed that we’d catch up in a week or two over the summer to hang out and take a few photos then.

Two weeks later, as I was watching the news and saw a report that a 17 year old boy had drowned. They didn’t mention any names, but somehow I just knew. Within hours, it was confirmed.

It’s been 14 years today that Matt passed away. I never did get that photo of us together. Luckily, my memory has been on my side and I can still picture him when I close my eyes, but a photo would have been so treasured now.

Please don’t underestimate the value of a photo. Take them often, even if it’s only with your phone. A photograph becomes priceless once the person in it passes away. Don’t let excuses rob you or your loved ones from a memory.  You aren’t unphotogenic, too fat, too busy, etc…’re loved and want to be remembered by those who care about you.

alt=”1536695_10152298328415809_1829186405_n” width=”640″ height=”480″ /> Throwback Thursday – a shot my bedroom growing up, walls covered in photos. One of my only photos of Matt was is in black & white on my desk…which was from his obituary[/caption]

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