Dear Wedding Vendors

I’ve been a member of numerous forums for wedding professionals and this topic has come up quite frequently, so I felt it was appropriate to address it.

Many wedding companies (florists, venues, coordinators, etc.) begin threads along the lines of the jerkface photographer that promised to send a few photos of the wedding, but failed to deliver. It almost always leads to bashing of photographers, including comments about how we obviously don’t know the meaning of networking and are too high and mighty to share.

Wedding vendors, that assumption couldn’t be more wrong.

Recently, I mailed about 20 different wedding vendors images of their products from weddings I had recently shot. Yup, that’s right – I went with snail mail. I included a note and a disk full of photos, encouraging them to use the images to wow their brides with their skills.

I received one acknowledge from a vendor. Yes, only one business owner contacted me to let me know he had received the photos. I spent nearly $50 of my hard-earned money on mailing out photos, as well as the time to select the perfect shots, only to not even receive a quick email letting me know they were received.

Wedding vendors, it’s not that photographers are too good for you or don’t care, many just don’t feel it’s worth it anymore. I’ve spoken to a few of my photo friends and they’ve all almost given up on sending photos out to businesses as well. So much effort is put into helping you and it just feels so one sided.

Please, if a photographer goes out of his or her way to email or mail you a few images or album, be courteous and email a quick thank you. It will go a long way and you will forever stand out in that photographer’s mind (and in turn, he or she will tell more brides about your business).



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