Christmas Treats

With it only being Chris and I at home, I try to limit how often I bake treats so avoid us from gaining 100 pounds. So as the holidays draw nearer,  I really look forward to “baking season”. Everyone loves receiving treats during the holidays!

Eager to use my Christmas tree cupcake molds, I start to pull out all of the recipes I’ve collected all year.

I picked up these tree molds from AC Moore last year and couldn’t wait to use them. This photo is actually from last year, before I learned how to ice properly.

Mini BLTs!

Frosty the Cheeseball is one of our favorites. It is a cheese dip perfect for crackers and the snowman is just so festive!

I may not always end up with the prettiest results (though I really am getting better!), but those who have eaten these treats have said it’s been yummy!

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