Ceremony Tips

Some churches have restrictions for photographers at weddings. I strive to respect the rules of your minister, but it may limit the amount of photos I am able to take. Some churches, for example, disallow photographers from moving beyond the last row of the church, or in some cases forbid photographer altogether. Please be sure to discuss this with your officiant prior to the wedding.

Couples sometimes plan for a quick ceremony, estimating it will take only 10-15 minutes. While your vows may be short and sweet, remember that weddings usually start a bit late. Also, add in extra time for walking down and up the aisle.

Considering a receiving line? Use this formula to estimate how much time you will need to set aside: # of guests x 20 = ___. Divide that number by 60. The final number will be the approximate number of minutes it will take to get through your receiving line.

When planning an outdoor wedding, many couples forget to take light into consideration. Ceremonies between 12 and 1pm will experience very harsh light, causing you not only to squint, but will also form lines of light across your bodies. Consider scheduling outdoor ceremonies 2-3 hours prior to sunset, especially if you plan to have formals after the ceremony. We don’t want to lose light and take all of your portraits in the dark!

In addition to vows, there are numerous personal touches you may add to the ceremony. Here are a few ideas, but don’t feel you have to limit yourself to the list – you can always add your own creativity!

• Unity candle

• Roses for the mothers

• Prayer/well wishes circle

• Sand ceremony


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