Reading Eagle Readers Choice Best Photography Studio

In mid-July or so, I had mentioned that I was in the running for Best Photographer in Berks County, organized by The Reading Eagle. Then a few weeks ago, I received a called from the Reading Eagle informing me that I was voted Best Photography Studio! Thank you so much to all of my amazing clients […]

Why Do Digital Files Cost So Much?

At first glance, the cost of a digital file may seem a bit pricey. You probably think you aren’t getting “anything”, just the digital file. The thing is though, they really aren’t expensive at all, once you realize what you’re getting. The cost of prints don’t just include ink and paper, it covers all of […]

After-Wedding Workflow

I’m sure most of you have seen the charts floating around, the ones which show a photographer’s job is maybe 15% shooting and 85% business and editing. As crazy as it is to think that a photographer doesn’t actually spend most of the time photographing, it really is true! I thought I would share a […]

Why Photographers Charge Travel Fees

As you begin to research wedding photographers, you’ll likely notice that many of them require a travel fee outside of a certain radius. Some photographers have a set rate for their travel fees, whether it be certain states or even throughout the country, whereas others calculate and customize the fee based on the destination’s location. Most assume […]

Behind the Scenes | 2016

We’re already somehow halfway through the year and I just now realize that I never wrote a behind the scenes post for 2016! Usually I just post a compilation of a bunch of photos taken of me but this time I thought I’d put a little twist on it and show the moment I was capturing […]

Some of The Worst Business Advice I’ve Received

Over the years, I’ve found myself in numerous online photography groups and forums. One of the more popular topics covers whether or not to send couples surprises after they book their wedding day. I’ve lost count as to how many times I’ve read that it’s a waste of money to add any extras and that […]

The Wedding Album Process

Pixels just can’t compare to ink; there’s just something about being able to touch your photos. Technology is constantly changing, making it quite possible that our current digital media could one day soon become obsolete. Printed photographs however, will always withstand the test of time. While you will definitely want to hang a collection of prints […]

My Biggest Wedding Screw-Up

How many times have you planned to run to the store sans list, swear you’d remember what you need, then when you get back home realize that you totally forgot the one item you went in for? We’re all guilty of trusting our memory a little too much and while forgetting to grab a gallon […]

Reading, PA Wedding Photographer | K. Moss Photography Studio

It was a few hours before I was scheduled to meet with a wedding couple at a local Starbucks. I was debating on which products to bring along, knowing I couldn’t possibly take all of my albums and canvases into the little coffee shop. I finally settled on three albums and left the canvases at […]

Why Wedding Retainers Are Not Refundable

You’ve likely read somewhere that photographers require a signed contract and retainer in order to hold your wedding date exclusively. Retainers usually fall anywhere between a flat rate or 30-50% of your package cost and are generally non-refundable – even if the wedding gets cancelled. While this may seem unfair at first though, there’s actually […]