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Remember that time that you tried out a restaurant and instantly fell in love, knowing you were going to tell all of your friends that they had to eat there? That’s how I felt the first time I photographed at Capriotti’s in McAdoo, PA.

I’ve been in touch with Tom, the owner, for a few years now and he continues to impress me with how invested he is in each of his couples. Capriotti’s is simply magnetic, offering a welcome that will make you feel so at home. Brianna Lynn, Capriotti’s wedding coordinator, helps each and every bride make her dream wedding come to life. With genuine smiles on their faces, you can actually feel how much the Capriotti’s team cares during each wedding.

Tom does not view weddings as a one-day event. He wants his couples’ wedding expectations to be blown out of the water, leaving them with an experience that will wow them forever. He dreams of it being a family place; hosting weddings for relatives of his couples and being able to reconnect with them years from now. My brides have raved so much about Tom – even months after their wedding, so he is definitely achieving his goals!

Tom and I chat often, passing ideas to each other on how we can offer our couples an exceptional wedding experience. I recently interviewed Tom to find a bit more about the story of Capriotti’s:

Tell me about the start of Capriotti’s.

I started doing off site catering in 1991.  We would travel to different venues, residences and groves.  In 2004 I purchased a building on Maple Street in Tresckow, after completing extensive renovations we opened this facility in April of 2005.  We were still doing all of our off site catering and started doing on premises catering as well. By 2010 we were extremely busy, we were turning away a lot of weddings, showers, banquets and other possible events.  We out grew our kitchen and work space.  I began to look for ways to continue to grow and determined we needed to build a new facility.  I did not want to move far from where we were located.  It took about a year to find the perfect piece of land to build.  It took me a year to design the facility.  I traveled to numerous facilities to get different ideas.  We moved into the new facility in January 2012.
Tell me about the process I would go through if I were a bride choosing Capriotti’s for my wedding.
During the initial first appointment we will go over your needs and wants, discuss our different packages, menus and design.  If you like everything we have to offer,  I believe we can make your wedding perfect.  You will put adeposit to reserve our services.  Now the planning stage will begin and we will meet on average between 8 and 12 times before the wedding.  Once colours and design are chosen (out of 90+ color options!), we will set up a whole table to make sure it is what they want. We also do a food tasting to help in selecting a menu.

When you are not working on weddings, what do you love to do?
On the business side I enjoy planning and projecting the business, re-doing our process and procedures to improve our brand.  I also have another business Cigar Box, we are a full service tobacconist, currently have 5 locations.  This business I started in 1996.  I am also currently in the development stages of building a full service Cigar Bar, hopefully to open later this year. On the personal side, I enjoy traveling with my wife and kids, being involved in their activities.  As you probably would have guessed I love cigars and I am an avid Dallas Cowboys fan.  I travel every year to Dallas to see a game.
What encouragement and words of advice would you give to new brides?
The best advice I can give is to not worry about the little things, do not micro-manage every aspect of the wedding.  Listen to your vendors; they have the most experience and can be a great help.

Couples love placing a large portrait above the fireplace in Capriotti’s foyer. It adds a personal touch and warm welcome to guests!

Capriotti’s is located at 1 Banks Avenue in McAdoo, Pennsylvania. To view their website, click this link. You can also contact me to view full weddings photographed at Capriotti’s!

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