Brieann & Joseph – The Old Mill Sciota Engagement Session

The day before was disgustingly hot and humid, but the day of Brieann and Joseph’s session was gorgeous – talk about luck! Just before the session, Brieann realized the craziest thing: it was June 20th and the location was the Old Mill in Sciota…without even planning it the wedding is also June 20th next year AND the venue is called Old Mill! Talk about coincidence!


It took mere seconds for me to see how crazy they were about each other. They just fell into each other so naturally.




It didn’t take me long to learn that these two were most relaxed when I told them that we were going to move onto the next spot. Just before moving, there was always a little giggle or snuggle. So perfect!





Oh Brieann, those eyes are gorgeous.


I am really looking forward to getting to know these two over the next year, leading up to their wedding!


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