Blogstomp | The Program Which Gave Me My Time Back

When putting together blog posts, I would open all of the images in Photoshop, resize, and then drag them into a few templates I made. In all honesty, I would dread having to write up blog posts because this method was so time consuming. It was taking me 60-90 minutes just to get the photos ready for one post!

I spent years doing things this way and had started to hate blogging so much that I was ready to give it up forever. Just as I was about to swear of blogging forever, I saw a post in a photography Facebook group about a company called Blogstomp. I did a quick Google search and my day was made. Within minutes, my credit card was in hand ready to buy this new program!

This program enables photographers to quickly upload their images into the program and and then select the collage style for each group of photos. No more having to resize photos or open different photoshop templates – over an hour of work was condensed into less than 15 minutes!
To make things even more awesome, not only is this program a huge time saver, but their customer service is top notch as well! They have a private Facebook group for Blogstomp users to ask questions and also reply to emails pretty quickly. Any company able to give me more time to focus on other aspects of my business and also excels at customer service, definitely gets a high five from me!

How my workflow was cut in half with one program | K. Moss Photography

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