Be A Respectful Wedding Guest

One of the most frustrating aspects of wedding planning is tracking down guests who don’t rsvp, but what’s worse are guests that rsvp ‘YES’ and don’t show up to the wedding. Most caterers and venues require a final guest count from the bride and groom 2-3 weeks before the wedding date. This also means that total balance of the bill is due, which is charged per guest.

A couple spends anywhere from $75.00 per guest up to $200.00 per guest, on average.  Let’s say you are invited to a wedding which the bride and groom paid $125 per guest. When you rsvp’ed ‘yes’, the couple told the venue that you would be attending. When you do not show up, the couple will still be paying $125 for your seat. It may not seem like a large sum, however, when multiple guests do this the cost can add up greatly!

Save the Dates and early invitations are becoming more common, allowing guests time to make arrangements and decide if they will be able to attend the wedding. Please be a respectful guest and send your rsvp in by the date requested and be sure to attend if your rsvp indicates you will be there.

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