Asking for a discount

Imagine going into work and your boss tells you that you will be getting paid $10 less an hour that day but you’ll have to do the same amount of work. He adds that 30% of that paycheck will also go to taxes. Knowing that you have bills to pay and food to put on the table, what do you do?

This is how a photographer feels when you ask for a discount.

Today, just about all wedding couples are on a budget and end up paying for the entire wedding themselves. The most important thing to do is prioritize.

Is a designer dress on the top of your must-have list? You may have to invite fewer guests to make up for the extra cost of the dress.

Are pictures super important to you but you’re on a tight budget? Rather than asking a photographer to discount their services, ask about payment plans and the option of purchasing prints, albums, or disk after the wedding. This will allow you to have more wiggle room with your budget AND give you the ability to hire a professional whom will offer a higher quality service.


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