Andrea & Garrett – Reading, PA Engagement Session

Earlier this year, Andrea was the maid of honor for Christine and Ryan’s wedding. I learned quite a bit about Andrea that day.

1. She was beyond willing to help in any way possible to make sure her best friend would receive amazing wedding photos.

2. She was so loved by her friends. So much in fact that Christine was not only totally okay with Garrett proposing to Andrea days before her wedding, but she was even loved the idea of a quick five minutes mini-engagement session for Andrea and Garret during their wedding!

3. She totally knew how to rock the camera.

4. She was fun!.

Not long after the wedding, Andrea excitedly contacted me and was ready to book her own wedding. I was thrilled to be adding her and Garrett to the K. Moss Photography family!

Reading PA Engagement Photographer

While I had spent some time with Andrea because of being a part of the bridal party, my time getting to know Garrett was short. He treated Andrea wonderfully and the way he looked at her was enough to make anyone melt. I loved him instantly! Over the next few months, a few friends of Garrett’s told me how he was going to be one of my favorite clients, that he was an amazing guy. They couldn’t have been any more right!

Reading PA Engagement Photographer

Andrea and Garrett live on the other side of the country, all the way in Colorado, so scheduling their engagement session took a bit of planning. They had so much to plan while visiting the east coast, not only visiting with family, but also meeting with a bunch of wedding vendors. As soon as they were ready to book their flights a few months back, they were ready to set up their engagement session.  I was so happy to receive so many emails from Andrea, who was super excited about their upcoming session. Excited brides = stellar photos.

Reading PA Engagement Photographer

Planning to be in the area for the week of Christmas, Andrea was a bit nervous as to how the weather would treat us. As the day of their session became closer, Andrea became increasingly worried by the weather forecast. Their outdoor session had a high chance of being completely rained out. Her panic completely disappeared when I suggested another location in Reading – one she fell even more in love with. To make it even better, we change the time of their session to 2:00, an hour earlier that we had originally planned, in attempts to avoid the rain.  We made out with perfect overcast skies, weather warm enough to not freeze without jackets, and not a single drop of rain. (and yes, it did end up pouring at the time they had originally booked for!).

Even during the session these two were so adorably excited! Andrea was so giggly and Garrett had no complaints when I asked them to kiss.

Reading PA Engagement Photographer

Reading PA Engagement Photographer


Only a few months to go before their wedding and I get to have them in front of my camera for the third time in a year. Let’s get this countdown started!

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