The Anderson Family – Allentown Rose Gardens Portrait Session

As I went through the photos from the Anderson family, I wanted to post them ALL on Facebook. I stick with only 4-5 or teasers, thought, so I have been squirming in my chair waiting to post this session!

The days leading up to this session were SO cold. I was starting to wonder how many layers I would be able to wear, while still being able to move around freely. I couldn’t even believe that come Sunday, we didn’t even need coats. Talk about luck!

Danielle and Shawn have scheduled a session around this time of year for Emma’s birthday/holidays. Danielle had the great idea to bring along personalized stockings to hang, which I completely loved. I suggested that she also bring along a few gift boxes – which ended up being a huge hit! I think Emma spent about 10 minutes playing with the empty boxes, making me really realize how beautiful childhood is. So much imagination, no worries.

Emma showed so much personality in her photos. I love that you can see both sides of her in these images:

Shawn was such a trooper as Emma laughed at her game of ‘poke daddy in the eyes’.

I’m so excited to have the rest of the gallery ready for viewing soon. I only wish that I were there to see the expressions on Danielle and Shawn’s face when they first see all of their photos 🙂

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