An Unexpected Confidant

I want each and every one of my clients to know that they are the foundation of my business, as they took the leap to invest in me. I genuinely care about the their lives and truly love when they share the little things with me.

I have always wanted to offer my clients an amazing experience, while forming a relationship with them. I want them to feel as though they are the only client I have and that I am always here when they need. I had always thought I was ‘just their photographer’ and that they would only need me when it came to discussing photography-related things.

Last night, I found myself in tears. Out of no where, it hit me…my clients weren’t just telling me their wedding secrets – they were confiding in me about things completely unrelated to their weddings at all. Over the past few years, I have had clients tell me their news of their promotions at work or down payment of their new home – exciting!!! I’ve had a bride share her pregnancy with me…before she even told her parents! Other clients have confided in me with extremely personal news, such as deaths, miscarriages, cancer, and other traumatic experiences I wouldn’t even want to mention here.

My eyes have welled up in tears so many times as I try to find the words to explain how honored it makes me feel  to be someone my clients are able to comfortably confide in. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for sharing and trusting me with these moments in your lives. <3

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