A Time To Be Thankful

This time of year many people reflect back on the year and note that they are thankful for. I have chosen to begin my blog today for that very reason – I’m thankful.

I’ve always loved photography. I was that annoying friend who just had to bring a camera everywhere. Oddly enough, I hated being on the other side of the camera to have MY picture taken. There was just something about a camera being pointed at me that made me uncomfortable.

Then it hit me. I was so closed up because that’s all it was – a camera. There was no life behind it, nothing urging me to open up.

And that’s when I realized that I can’t just know how to operate a camera; I need to be able to work my clients. Each time a couple books with me, I want to know their story. I want to know how they met, when he proposed, what makes them laugh. Because essentially, that’s what matters. On their wedding day I am not just a fancy camera – I’m a friend who happens to be taking pictures.

My clients have really been amazing. I’m sure everyone says that, but really, they are the best. Had it not been for each of my brides, K. Moss Photography would still just be an idea. They have trusted me to document the biggest day of their lives and I am so grateful to have been a part of it.

Then there is Chris, who plays such a large role in K. Moss Photography, probably without even realizing it. He has been my constant support since day one and a big part of why I have been successful. He has really shown me what love is. During each wedding I photograph, I look at the bride and groom and as I think to myself how amazing love feels. I don’t think I would be able to capture the moments the way I do had I not been able to experience love.

So often we take for granted what matters most to us. Take a moment today to be thankful for all that you have. You may realize that there is more than you realized.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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