A Little Walt Disney World Magic

Quite a few of my brides are totally in love with Disney – some even had their weddings Disney themed! I keep in touch with the girls, so Mickey comes up in conversation every now and then. Last year, it seemed as though everyone I knew was heading down to Florida for some of that Disney magic.

I hadn’t been to Disney World since the early 90’s, so my memory of the park was pretty fuzzy. When I came across insanely low airline tickets ($100 total roundtrip for both of us!), I decided that Chris and I would be taking a trip to the south. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect – it was slow season for both Disney and myself, plus it was a great way for me to recharge before the 2015 season started!

We were so excited for our trip, we actually decided to extend it by leaving a day early. We ended up being so glad we made that decision – our original flight was delayed by 4 hours due to a winter storm. We may not have even been able to make it to the airport due to the horrible road conditions!

It always drives me crazy  to be stuck on a flight and have no idea where I am. These maps on the back of the seats were perfect (plus in-flight movies!).

Florida flight

Chris kept laughing at me for having to ‘stylize’ everything before taking a photo. It’s the wedding photographer in me – I love those details!

Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World Walt Disney World Walt Disney World Walt Disney World

I think I squealed when I saw this display. Beauty and the Beast is my absolute favorite! I couldn’t leave this store without buying a Chip cup and Lumiere plate. I’m pretty sure I skipped through the rest of Downtown Disney after that!
Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World Walt Disney World

We ended up being totally rained out with a thunder and lightning storm on our first day, in Hollywood. The roads were completely flooded and our clothes were soaked. I was only able to take these two photos, but at least I was able to get a shot of the hat before they tore it down! Plus I was able to relive some childhood memories by checking out Honey I Shrunk the Kids – which I made sure was our first stop in the park.

Walt Disney World Hollywood Hat

Walt DIsney Word Honey I shrunk the kids

Walt Disney World Walt Disney World Little Mermaid Walt Disney World castle Walt Disney World It's a small world

The most anticipated part of the trip! I have been looking forward to “Belle land” since before it even opened! I even bought a special Beauty and the Beast shirt for the occasion : )

Walt Disney World gaston's tavern

Walt Disney World castle
Walt Disney World Be Our Guest Walt Disney World Be Our Guest Walt Disney World Be Our Guest Walt Disney World Be Our Guest Walt Disney World Walt Disney World castle

I thought about cropping out the little boy from this photo, but I love the story this photo tells!
Walt Disney World castle Walt Disney World castle

The next morning, we hopped on the Disney bus and headed over to Epcot. Chris loved this park when he was younger; it was my first time. It was pretty fascinating to see all of the countries represented!


Epcot Epcot Epcot

We spent our last two days at Magic Kingdom. With so few lines, we were able to go on some our favorite rides 3-4 times each! Of course we also made sure we set aside time to watch the parade!

Walt Disney World Walt Disney World parade Walt Disney World parade Walt Disney World castle

Such an amazing week down in Florida! There’s just something about being in Disney’s imaginary world that just makes you forget any stress and be able to focus 100% on having fun!

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