A Full Experience – Prints Included

‘Shoot and burn’ is becoming a popular wedding trend with some photographers in the industry. In case you aren’t familiar, it is simply when a photographer shoots a session, wedding, or other event and simply provides digital files (sometimes edited, sometimes not) – and that’s it. I’ve considered taking this route to save on costs, profit more, and cut out of lot of legwork – but I can’t.

When K. Moss Photography was being born, I promised myself that I would give my brides a full experience. While I wanted to ‘wow’ them at the first phone call or email and through the wedding planning process, I didn’t want it to stop there.

I wanted them to race to the door when their bell rang, excited to receive the huge box Mr. FedEx man was holding. I wanted them to run into the living room, eager to cut open the packaging tape. I wanted their eyes to light up as they sifted through the tissue paper, seeing an array of pretty boxes inside each wrapped with a large blue bow. I wanted them to unwrap each print, instantly trying to think of the perfect spot to display it on their wall. I wanted them to have the print quality that only a professional lab can provide. I wanted them to be reminded of the happiest moments in their lives each time they entered a room.

I wanted to give an experience.

I have put so much thought into this, contemplating if I should join in on the trend of delivering only files or if I wanted only offer files in addition to prints. After deliberating for nearly six months, I decided that by eliminating prints and offering only files, I would be failing my brides. I would be taking away from the experience they so much deserve. Although some photographers may disagree with my decision and feel this will impact my business in a negative way, my brides truly value not only photography but also the full experience K. Moss Photography offers.

Heather and Nick framed and displayed their prints the day after receiving them <3



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