4 Ways to Be an Awesome Wedding Guest

You’ve received a wedding invitation, which means you are pretty darn important in someone’s life! After all, couples write up an average of 4 guest lists before finalizing their plans. When you think about it, it’s a pretty big honor to be invited to a wedding! These four simple tips will guide you to be an awesome wedding guest.

What to wear.
It goes without saying that women should always steer clear from anything in the white family (that includes ivory, crème, off-white, champagne, and even very light pink). Weddings are typically formal, meaning suits for the men and dresses or pant suits for the ladies. In some cases, such as outdoor weddings on private estates, the dress is a little more casual. When in doubt over what to wear, it is always acceptable to ask the couple how formal their event will be.

Plus One.
When you receive your invitation, pay close attention to whom it is addressed. Unless an envelope reads, ‘your name and guest’, the invitation is extended for you to bring a guest. Typically, a plus one is only given if you are in a long term relationship, engaged/married, or live together. Understand that the bride and groom likely wanted to offer everyone an added guests, but budget constraints limit that option.

One of the biggest stressors for the couple is not receiving reply cards in a timely manner. Caterers set strict deadlines for final head counts and when a guest does not reply, the bride and groom must rush through their guest list to contact everyone who hasn’t responded.

The best thing to do is complete the reply card the same day you receive it (don’t forget to put your name!) and drop it in the mail right away. That way, you don’t have to worry about forgetting to respond.

 Get out of the aisle.
As the bride makes her way down the aisle, please don’t ruin this moment, and the couples photos, by stepping into the aisle. The bride and groom have waited months for their wedding day and they should be able to see each other without distractions or guests blocking their view.

Guest seating sign for outdoor wedding ceremony |K. Moss Photography

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