Mary & Greg | Lake Naomi Pocono Wedding

They were giddy as they told me about the surprises they had planned for their wedding day. As the months went by and she saw photos of other KMP weddings, she could barely hold in her excitement for her turn. Mary and Greg’s wedding day finally arrived and we couldn’t have asked for a more […]

5 Ways to Avoid Unwanted Wedding Advice

You excitedly log into your social media account to post a photo of your sparkly new ring, and almost immediately, everyone starts offering their advice. As the wedding draws nearer, you find that you are receiving even more advice. Advice that you not only didn’t ask for, but is also starting to stress you out! […]

Invitations and Ceremony Start Times

The topic of invitation and actual time to have listed comes up pretty often. Brides are often concerned about guests arriving late and possibly missing the start – or even all – of the ceremony. The perfect solution seems to tell a little white lie on your wedding invitation, showing an earlier ceremony start time […]

4 Ways to Be an Awesome Wedding Guest

You’ve received a wedding invitation, which means you are pretty darn important in someone’s life! After all, couples write up an average of 4 guest lists before finalizing their plans. When you think about it, it’s a pretty big honor to be invited to a wedding! These four simple tips will guide you to be an […]

The First Step to Planning the Wedding You Want

You and your soon to be husband have shared the news of your engagement and are getting ready to take the big step: planning the wedding. There are going to be quite a few decisions, as well as a couple of hurdles, along the way. Before diving head first into making decisions, individually complete the […]

To Toss or Not To Toss

The garter and bouquet tosses were huge in the 90s but over the last few years, it has pretty much fizzled out. In case it’s been a while since you’ve witness it, the bride would wear two garters, one for her husband to toss to the guys, and also has two bouquets, one being smaller […]