Three Tips To Help You Survive Bridal Party Photos

If you’ve accepted the role of bridesmaid or groomsmen, you know that it’s inevitable that you’ll be required to be in a bunch of photos. Odds are, you aren’t jumping for joy at the thought of standing in front of a camera, all while feeling just a bit envious of the guests who are relaxing […]

7 Ways To Thank Your Photographer

When planning your wedding, you sought out a photographer who you knew would document your day perfectly.  In addition to providing you with photos to help preserve your day, your wedding photographer also blew you away with an amazing photography experience. These seven ideas are the perfect way to show your photographer how much you love […]

What Will You Leave Behind?

I’d love a family photo… …but first I need to lose a couple of pounds. ….but I’m really busy at work. ….but I’m not photogenic. …but I’m going to come up with some sort of excuse Most likely, you’ve been guilty of saying at least one of the above. Unfortunately, this probably means that it’s […]