Why Wedding Retainers Are Not Refundable

You’ve likely read somewhere that photographers require a signed contract and retainer in order to hold your wedding date exclusively. Retainers usually fall anywhere between a flat rate or 30-50% of your package cost and are generally non-refundable – even if the wedding gets cancelled. While this may seem unfair at first though, there’s actually […]

Blogstomp | The Program Which Gave Me My Time Back

When putting together blog posts, I would open all of the images in Photoshop, resize, and then drag them into a few templates I made. In all honesty, I would dread having to write up blog posts because this method was so time consuming. It was taking me 60-90 minutes just to get the photos […]

Alternative Ideas for Wedding Day Traditions

There are a few events during a wedding day which are deemed traditional but the great thing about being a modern day bride is that you don’t necessarily have to stick with the old school traditions! This post will cover some of the more popular wedding traditions, giving you a bit of help in your […]

When Should Your Photographer and DJ Eat?

The topic comes up in just about every wedding photography group in existence: vendors eating during weddings. Some  argue that it is unprofessional for a photographer to eat during a wedding day….what?! While I really do wish I could charge myself with a pack of Duracell, the hustle and bustle of a long wedding day […]

Planning Wedding Transportation

Over the years it has become more common to stay on the venue’s grounds the entire day, from ceremony all the way through the reception (and at times getting ready, as well). Of course it is still completely acceptable to have a church ceremony and have a different reception venue, just make sure to plan […]

How to Create a Wedding Guest List

One of the first tasks of wedding planning is to start compiling a guest list. It is important to have a rough estimate of the number of people you will be inviting so you can begin searching for venues able to accommodate your guest count. You wouldn’t want to fall in love with a venue, […]

The Reception First Look

First Looks are all the rage right now but in case you’ve missed it, it’s a private moment before the ceremony with just the Bride and Groom (well, and photographer!) to whisper sweet things to one another and to ease their wedding day jitters. With so much hustle and bustle during a wedding day, it’s […]