Jessica & Chris – Scranton, PA Engagement Session

We all search for that person who we can be ourselves with. The person who can make us laugh with just a simple glance and the one we find it impossible to stay angry with. Anyone spending just a few minutes with Jessica and Chris would quickly see that they have found that in each other. […]

How Do You Know If You Need A Second Photographer?

Photography duos are popping up everywhere these days, warning brides that a solo photographer just can’t do it alone. Unsurprisingly, photographers have been shooting weddings solo for decades just fine. So when do you need that second photographer? You really want photos of both the bride and the groom getting ready…but they’re going to be […]

Photographer Site Visits

A site visit can seem like a great idea; your photographer can scope out the area and get a feel for what it will be like the day of your wedding…or can they? In a photographer’s world, every day is different. The sun is never the same brightness, the clouds are never in the exact […]