Details – Make Your Wedding “You”

Most often when someone thinks of wedding photos, they think of the first kiss, formal photos, and first dance. While each of those are important, there is one thing that often gets overlooked: the details. Brides spend so much time (not to mention hundreds of dollars) putting together the perfect invitations, choosing favors to match […]

When are you going to start trying for kids?

You wake up the morning after your wedding and find yourself tagged in tons of Facebook photos.  Guests can’t help but post comments on your Facebook page, letting you know that your wedding was totally THE party of the year. They ask you what your favorite part of the day was, compliment your gorgeous dress, […]

An Unexpected Confidant

I want each and every one of my clients to know that they are the foundation of my business, as they took the leap to invest in me. I genuinely care about the their lives and truly love when they share the little things with me. I have always wanted to offer my clients an […]

Is Facebook Ruining Your Wedding Experience?

Scroll through your Facebook newsfeed and you’re bounded to see at least a couple of friends excitedly posting about their wedding planning. They might be proclaiming they have the best bridesmaids in the world, planning is a complete breeze, or even their bridal shower was amazing. Meanwhile, your maids don’t get along, you’re about ready […]

That ‘W’ Word

About a month or so ago, a Facebook friend posted a status which really shocked me. He stated that photographers increase their prices simply because of “that ‘W’ word…a/k/a/ ‘wedding’. He added that it was garbage to see photographers charge ‘way less’ for a random event, but yet wedding prices were overly inflated – despite […]